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This system helped me build a following of thousands to include loyal readers, book bloggers, librarians, and authors plus get invites to teach at conferences, present at schools, attend fan conventions — and sell more books!

Discover how to connect with your ideal-readers, know the rookie mistakes to avoid wasting time, money, and missed opportunities PLUS learn how to present with confidence and take advantage of public speaking events!

What Others Are Saying 
About Bestselling Author and Speaker: Donna Galanti


Kate Brandes – Author of The Promise of Pierson Orchard katebrandes.com

"Donna shared strategies with me that not only helped lead to the publication of my first novel, but also helped me secure my dream agent. I have followed her expert advice on positioning myself and my first novel during the all-important marketing period before and after publication.”

Kathryn Craft Author of The Far End of Happy and owner of writing-partner.com

"Donna Galanti sets learners at ease with her accessible demeanor, confident knowledge, and well-organized presentations. In her marketing lecture, she helped daunted introverts accept that social media and publishing go hand-in-hand for today’s writer, and that ideally, platform building, like writing, deserves years of pre-publication devotion. For beginners starting out or authors catching up, her clear, step-by-step suggestions untangle what can seem like an overwhelming jumble of marketing tasks."

Christa Tinari National speaker and author of Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School, peacepraxis.com

"Thank you for sharing so much information to help newer authors like myself. You’ve got so many insights that are invaluable to writers and hopeful authors-to-be. It was a joy to benefit from your passion for helping other authors be successful! To writers: don’t miss Donna’s class!"

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 Create Your Awesome Community for Debut Authors

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