5 Step Blue Print

Thanks for attending my presentation, 5 Steps for Author Platform Success Before You Publish, with the October 2017 ALLi Indie Author Fringe event!

As promised, please download my free cheat sheet from the event here.

I hope it’s super useful to you!

Have questions?  Just email me at donna@yourawesomeauthorlife.com.

And I’m just wondering, are you a first-time author struggling with how to reach your readers or wondering how to reach readers with your first book coming out? I remember when my first book came out. I had no clue what to do before the release and struggled to find readers for my book. But over the years I figured it out and created a handy guide.

You guys might find it useful – it’s my 4 Proven Steps to Connecting with Readers (Before Your First Book Even Comes Out).

Plus you’ll be on my list to get info about my course, Create Your Awesome Community For Debut Authors, my complete author platform system for success.